My Draw A Dot. Submission: Comme des Garçons

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Every month I look forward to Marcus Kan’s Draw A Dot. fashion illustration open call.  Each month he picks a different runway collection for illustrators to focus their talents.  This month’s open call was a tribute to the avant-garde fashion icon, Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons just in time for the Met’s much anticipated exhibition, Art of the In-Between.

In preparation for this month’s contest, I scurried over to the Met to get a look at Rei Kawakubo’s work first hand.  This particular collection of her work ranging from the 80’s to present day challenges the duality of fashion, breaking down conventional ideals of beauty.  Above all Rei Kawakubo is a revolutionary and forward thinker exemplified by the popular saying, “whatever you think Rei Kawakubo is, that's what she's not”.  She’s the Björk of fashion - on a different wave length than the rest of us.

I love seeing fashion up close and personal.  There’s a sense of texture to a fabrication that just can’t be properly portrayed in a photo and as an artist, this dramatically changes my perception of a collection.  Rei uses color to establish an identity with her pieces which is beyond brilliant; the textures are dramatic and visually striking but her unique use of silhouette is the show-stopping component in her work that had me oohing and ahhing throughout the entirety of the exhibition. 

My submission focusses this love of texture and silhouette in a monochromatic drawing with splashes of the lovely cream color used in her Fall 2014 knits.  Although many of the illustrations that Marcus features in his final nine winning picks for the open call on Draw A Dot.’s Instagram feature playful over-the-top compositions, I thought it best to illustrate the simplicity of Comme des Garçons’ chaos that I find so enticing. 

You can see my submission from last month featured on the Draw A Dot. blog.  Wish me luck!

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